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Collaboration Cultivators: Sussanna Davidson of French Buckets

This edition of our Collaboration Cultivators vendor series is spotlighting our dear friend and talented floral designer, Sussanna Davidson of French Buckets. As a seasoned florist in the industry, Sussanna has styled arrangements for all sorts of amazing events. We absolutely love getting to work alongside such a talented vendor during our clients’ special occasions.
2 French Buckets was born out of Sussanna’s educational background in fine art, her innate drive for creativity, and a passion for refurbishing old furniture finds. Her love for styling began in her college days when she opened up a little shop that sold her revamped French country pieces. Whether it was fixing up an thrifted dresser with new knobs and fresh coat of paint or sprucing up a potted plant with an antique pale and fun ribbons, she loved making beautiful things for others to enjoy. 3 After graduating, a florist friend asked her to help open her second flower shop in Los Angeles. Susanna took on this exciting endeavor by renovating an old farmhouse with her family. On one side, her mother and sister operated a cafe that served coffee and sandwiches, while Sussanna and her friend ran their flower shop, to be named French Buckets, on the other side. 4 Within a year, the two had been approached by Fashion Island in Newport Beach. The company’s management loved the French Buckets aesthetic and thought it would be a perfect addition to the area. So they took a risk and moved their young business down south and today French Buckets is still alive, thriving, and creating lovely things.5 Working in florals is so much more than assembling pretty flowers. For Susanna, her work is an art. Her process begins with inspiration, drawing ideas from the smallest of details, from cloths and textures to colors and atmospheres. From there she takes these pieces and sets out to create an arrangement, mixing feel, hues, shades, and accents. She also considers how each element will be documented and shared. This step takes trust and collaboration because if her work isn’t photographed well, it loses it’s appeal and overall impact.6 When a client works with Sussanna, she starts by asking them big picture questions like what they’ve been dreaming about and what they want guests to feel when they walk in the room. These are key to styling an environment that the client will love. Then come the details that include style, colors, budget, logistics, and more. 7 Whether it’s a small wedding, dinner gathering, or grand party, Susanna brings her curated eye and botanical spirit to every setting. Although she loves providing arrangements for all sorts of events, her favorite context for styling is photoshoots. There she can let her creativity run wild, working with vendors to build a dreamy vision that can inspire and be shared with others.8 Sussanna describes the French Buckets style as artistic, organic, and feminine. Everything they produce is simply gorgeous and we are continually in awe of their amazing work. Thank you Susanna for sharing your story with our readers. We can’t wait for our next event together!

Collaboration Cultivators: Theresa John of Sundrop Vintage

After many years in the events industry, we wholeheartedly believe we could not do what we do alone. Each occasion we cater can only be a success when paired with the hard work & talents of other industry professionals who are passionate about what they do. We’ve had the privilege of creating alongside a host of amazing vendors and we want to share their awesome work with you through our Collaboration Cultivators Series. 2 This time, we want to highlight one of our most near and dear friends, Theresa John of Sundrop Vintage. Since its beginning, Sundrop has been a vintage rentals and styling company dedicated to outfitting any sort of event. We’ve worked in tandem with Theresa for several occasions, parties, and inspiration shoots. Each time, we are simply blown away by her ability to perfectly curate a setting that compliments the client’s vision. 7 Though Theresa has had much experience in styling and florals, she never imagined that she would have her own design company. As a native Californian, Theresa has been involved in the surf industry since her husband opened up the local legend, Laguna Surf & Sport nearly 30 years ago. Since then, their family has nestled into the vibrant beach community of Capistrano Beach. 4 Sundrop Vintage came into play a few years back, when Theresa’s daughter’s friend asked her to help style her wedding. That initial spark has evolved into a multifaceted creative services company. From furniture rentals to event styling & coordinating to florals, Theresa and her team are all about dreaming up beautiful scenes 9 One thing Theresa loves about her job is the excitement that comes with furniture hunting. When she ventures to estate sales to find vintage pieces, she often learns the deep history behind the visual appeal. Every item has a unique past, and Sundrop ties together these stories to serve a lovely function in the present. Some pieces may need a little TLC, but even through the revamping and restoring process, Theresa maintains the vintage qualities that make them special.3 While the Sundrop Vintage team has an amazing sense of style, they don’t pigeon hole themselves into one particular style. In fact, Theresa and her team have found a fantastic method that blends design vision, consultancy, and curation. They listen to their clients’ inspirations, then they integrate Sundrop’s design eye to result in a wonderful collision of style that is unique to every client and event.5 As for inspiration, Theresa gathers gems from her travels and time in nature. Whether it’s collecting sea glass on the beaches of San Clemente, picking up driftwood along the Oregon Coast, or finding art pieces while roaming through South Africa, Israel, London, Mexico and Fiji, Theresa translates these cultural experiences into her work at Sundrop. 8
While styling is a true passion for Theresa, her motivation is continually renewed by the joyous reactions she sees during memorable experiences with clients. Being able to form lasting relationships with her clients and be a part of their major life celebrations is an incredibly rewarding experience for the Sundrop team.10 Sundrop Vintage is comprised of an incredible team of individuals, including Stylist Andrea Pitt and Marketing Guru Aly John, who just so happens to be Theresa’s daughter. These lovely ladies are decor geniuses, who aspire to meet their client’s wishes with an imaginative, thoughtful process. From sifting through Sundrop’s whimsical warehouse of vintage pieces to setting up the final gorgeous space at an event, these gals are all about creating with purpose.
11 We are so grateful for our inspiring relationship with Sundrop Vintage and cannot wait to partner with them in the future to create memorable celebrations. Make sure to check out their website for more information and photos of their work!

Vendor Spotlight: Brett Hickman

Photographer Brett Hickman of Brett Hickman Photographers showcases a distinguished passion through his photos. As an artist, he gathers inspiration from universal stories of connection; friends, family, love, and—of course—marriage. Brett is a fine art portrait + wedding photographer. As such, he considers his role to be one of storytelling through pictures. For Brett, “a series of images” powerfully + memorably tells a couple’s story in a way that nothing else can.

Brett prides himself on producing photos that capture people’s moments while remaining timeless. He frequently travels across the world to witness and photograph his clients’ stories, and has shot some awe-inspiring pictures of destination weddings during those trips. Brett employs a photographic style that is crisp, clear, + straightforward. He is known as a versatile and creative photographer who uses everything from simple angles to hanging wedding gowns from ceiling fans in order to get that perfect shot.

We absolutely love working with Brett. He photographs many of the events we cater + brings his skill, panache, and true professionalism to each and every one. We are confident that he will capture all the aspects of your wedding that you want to remember forever. Brett Hickman has been featured in Le Magnifique, Ceremony Magazine, Style Unveiled, + other leading journals in the wedding industry. Check out some of his gorgeous images below: 234567891011

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