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Eventful with The Estate on Second

We’re back with a brand new and improved Eventful video and we’re kicking things off at our own venue in the historic Santa Ana downtown district, The Estate on Second!

Follow our Director of Weddings and Special Events, Emily Anderson as she takes us through and enlightens us on a little history of each grand room of The Estate. Then we introduce one of our favorite Entertainment vendors VOX DJ’s. DJ Jack Farmer tells us why he loves DJing at The Estate and how his company works with every event and customer.

Take a tour of The Estate and learn how it can be the perfect venue for any event.

Eventful: Videography with Central Studios

It’s that time again; our next installment of Eventful is here! This time, we landed on the much-discussed topic of videography. Our Event Specialist, Brandon Harris, sat down with Paul and Kelly of Central Studios at the historical McCharles House in the heart of Tustin, CA. This dynamic husband and wife duo is involved in multiple facets of videography, including wedding films, branding stories and personal projects. We wanted to chat with them about the ins and outs of their profession and seek out their expert advice for all those curious engaged couples out there.

We met up with Paul and Kelly at the McCharles House’s courtyard and garden space. Built in 1885, the once private residence has been beautifully transformed into a tearoom, restaurant, and special event venue. The grounds house several distinct settings that flow together with charm. Whether you’re in the main green and pink Victorian house, outdoors, or the rustic Sequoia Lodge, the McCharles House is a lovely venue to host an intimate gathering.

When we walked back behind the house, the scenery began to shift from a typical Southern California landscape to something else entirely. Towering trees surrounded the courtyard and blooming flowers lined the path beneath our steps. Tucked behind lush greenery stood the Summer House, which had previously been the Wedding Gazebo at Disneyland. The scene conjured up that magical feeling of watching a couple exchange vows before their loved ones. It’s intimate moments like these that inspire Paul and Kelly to capture couples’ stories on film.

Central Studios is a videography team that specializes in simple and beautiful wedding films. Paul and Kelly make sure that their focus is always on the bride and groom throughout the entire process. Their goal is to capture each couple’s personality and energy through a creative and honest lens. Not only are we crazy about their work, we also appreciate the intentional perspective and humble attitude they bring to the industry.

To learn more about Central Studios and see some of their work, visit

Eventful: Designing with Foxtail Florals

Ready to make your week a little bit more Eventful? Good—so are we! This week, we decided to tackle the ever-important + often confusing topic of event design. Nickie Good, our lovely Event Specialist here at Jay’s, took a few moments to chat with Corie, owner of Foxtail Florals, about the ins and outs of event design. Corie is an experienced + skilled industry professional who designs both flowers + events in their entireties. Nickie met up with her at the stunning Giracci Vineyards to sip on fine Giracci wine + ask some insightful design-related questions.

Our crew joined Nickie + Corie at Giracci to get the 411 on what it’s like to design events; the process, the triumphs, the challenges, the tips, + the little known facts. Our day at Giracci started right as we entered through the winery’s splendid gates. As we drove down the driveway, old oak trees began casting shadows across the grounds. A rustic horse stable greeted us to the right, while Wishing Well Court’s magnificent gazebo hailed us from the left.

A well-kept horse-riding area marks the center of the property; apropos, since Giracci is a triple threat: Equestrian center, winery, and special event space all in one. Behind the riding arena is Giracci’s Tasting Room + Oak Tree Court, where we met up with Nickie + Corie.

In Oak Tree Court, twinkle lights are wrapped high up the oaks’ mighty branches; both full + halved wine barrels serve as chairs, set askew along the parameter of a gently bubbling fountain. While we visited during the day, it is easy to imagine Giracci alive at night, buzzing with the excitement of a wedding reception. Sweeping trees, flowers, + lush grass surround the venue’s various structures, contrasting with the summer season’s aridity. The aesthetics of the place are at once dazzling and inspiring to an imaginative Designer like Corie.

Corie’s Foxtail Florals is a couture flower + event design company that specializes in using design to make brides’ special days personal to them + their grooms. Corie is all about the details, and when it comes to making her clients’ weddings memorable, she really hits it out of the park. While Foxtail Florals deals largely in creating couture floral arrangements, Corie is also well-versed in other aspects of event design. She uses everything from linens + props to personalized dance floors + custom signage in order to send her clients’ events over the top.

To learn more about Corie + Foxtail Florals, be sure to visit her website here.

Eventful: Planning with The Love Riot

Welcome to our second installment of Eventful! This time, we explored the very important role of Event Planners in making the day of “I do” go off without a hitch. If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, this is one episode you don’t want to miss. Our Event Specialist, April Chaim, spent a few minutes with Amber Cowell—Planner extraordinaire at The Love Riot—to ask her some burning questions about what it’s like to coordinate weddings.

We caught up with April + Amber in The Casino San Clemente’s fabulous Rock Garden to get the scoop on Amber’s niche. It was a gorgeous North Beach morning to spend sipping on fresh coffee from Ellie's Table + talking shop, encircled by the Garden’s brick + white-washed walls. A peaceful beach breeze wafting Palm + Honeysuckle came through The Casino’s corridors as we filmed (a marked contrast from the venue’s glamorous past as an old shindig site once frequented by Hollywood royalty seeking a seaside party).

Amber filled us in on just about everything you need to know about Event Planners as a soon-to-be bride—from what to look for in your prospective Planner and the kinds of questions you should ask before hiring one, to Planner packages and the almighty Pinterest.

And who better to gain insight from than one of the industry’s brightest Planners? Amber studied Interior Design and was, in fact, a designer for 5 years before founding The Love Riot with her design partner. She and her team are passionate about people + committed to taking the headache out of the otherwise chaotic planning process. They don’t just make sure everything runs smoothly on your big day. They make sure that the road to get to your big day is smooth, too. For more on Amber and The Love Riot, visit their official website here.

Eventful: Floristry 101

Here it is: our first Eventful interview! We are so excited to share this new series with you guys. Eventful will be an ongoing video podcast through which we explore industries that are key in the event planning world. We will be asking industry professionals insightful questions, and filming our interviews with them in various venues around Southern California. Eventful will provide helpful advice for planning your special day—and entertain along the way.

In our first Eventful interview, we sit down with Lauren Harper, an Event Specialist with Jay’s Catering, and Sussanna Davidson, Florist + Owner of French Buckets, to get the 411 on floristry. In this first installment, Sussanna shares her expertise on floral trends and offers some goldmine tips to brides. Check out Lauren + Sussanna’s interview below, filmed at none other than the Loft on Pine:

A bit about the Loft: The Loft on Pine represents the outcome of a transition that occurred in New York circa 1993. Before this time, warehouse/loft spaces were cold and slightly dissolute, inhabited by Bohemians and artists. The ‘90’s, however, brought a sudden shift. People began making lofts warmer environments that were suitable for families who wanted to live and work in open spaces. Uninhibited and sprawling, this venue is also markedly welcoming and homey—a true culmination of the move from niche to trendy that lofts underwent 20 years ago.

While we are filming here, I realize that I wouldn't change a thing about the ambiance. Except, perhaps, adding some flowers.

What is it about flowers that please, mystify, act as a relief, even? The richness of the Loft—accented with gold-sequined pillows, boutique mauve furniture, + warm gradients of wood—hits the perfect atmospheric note between down-home + urban. Yet, somehow, floral arrangements would make it ‘more perfect’. And this could be said about nearly every venue or space. Flowers brighten up and lend sweet aromas to anywhere they are placed. We tend to miss their presence when we suddenly find them absent.

But, whatever the basis is for our collective desire to have flowers around us, everyone knows that they’re nearly synonymous with weddings. People equate flowers, and the floral industry at large, with weddings. In fact, floristry is a multi-billion dollar business because of weddings. So, what’s the scoop on the industry? What’s the process for a florist when s/he is designing floral arrangements for a wedding? Thankfully, we have the Sussanna's expertise handy to alleviate our burning questions.

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